The author upon his first coffee of the day

Welcome, friends and strangers, to my blog. Hi, Mom.

It’s not my first blog, and probably won’t be my last. My only goal is to write in it every day. This is to be my warm-up journal, a forum in which I can rev my writerly engines, discuss issues with the day’s writing ahead, or perhaps just give an outlet to the voices and characters that build up and overflow as I work on a longer project. It’s a means for me to write, problem-solve, and keep the creative humors circulating.

It’s not meant to provide you with a story, reveal all my secrets, or tell you what I had for lunch, though some of each may happen.

It’s an artist’s sketchbook, really. And the only reason I’m publishing it as a blog is to help keep me accountable: if I have an audience to write for—any audience whatsoever (hi, Mom)—I will be more likely to clock in for work, as it were, like those bad kids they allude to in the Boys and Girls Club commercials, who just need a place to go.