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It’s Saturday, and I have to put some finishing touches on Solo’s dragon banner. It looks pretty bad-ass. I also need to drop off the rent check, then swing by the comic books store—today is national FREE comic book day, and in addition to picking up the next issue of Y: The Last Man (I’m addicted; I know I’m behind the times) and picking up a Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game expansion pack, I thought I’d scour the shelves for something Solo might like. I remember at eleven I was into the new Image Comics brand and their flagship series, Spawn. Of course, two short years later someone slipped me a copy of Gaiman’s Sandman series—the gateway drug—and I left superheroes behind for the next twenty years. Don’t worry, Solo’s got two good years of superheroes at least. Maybe I can convince him that both genres are good, the superhero and the literary comic. We’ll see. For now, I’ve got work to do.

OK, so here’s my thinking about weekend posts: they may or may not happen, but don’t count on them. If you get one, consider it a “bonus.” Weekends will be my time away from writing (unless I happen to be writing). They’ll be my time to hang out with Angie (when she’s not on call), work in the garden, go on day trips and bicycle rides and do chores and projects and visit with friends and generally keep my own version of a sabbath.

So enjoy the posts of the previous week and my daily photos—I did post a new one today—and I’ll see ya when I see ya. Have a great weekend!

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  1. im a little jealous that you live so close to our nephew and you get to get to know him…sounds like you guys are onding and having fun – love it!

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