The Snackies

A few years ago I started a blog called The Snackies. It’s still there, and I may yet return to it (please, I have no idea whether I’ll resume the story line of Fergus Plumpkin in the Cave of the Plimptons). But I was recently putting together a portfolio of my artwork, and I found a few great gems I had drawn from that time. Here are some of my faves:

Fergus: We have lavender

Fergus House

Fergus Awakens

Follow the link for more…

Flaming Os



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  1. You are amazingly talented! Are these all hand drawn? Did you use colored pencils? Just really fantastic! I like Fergus Awakens as I’m partial to elephants (have a big collection) and these appear to be some type of elephant creature. Also really like Flamingos. The textures are great!

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