Phase II: Prepare Photon Torpedoes!

Aloha, mateys. ‘Tis I, Hawaiian Space Pirate Captain Zak at the helm. Yesterday was the first fly-by of this blog: we swooped in low, dropped in a new photo of yer fearless Cap’n, and then swooshed off again without posting nary a verb. My humblest apologies, but that great nuclear orb in the sky was singing her springtime siren song and, strong as I am, I was helpless to resist her call. On the plus side, the yard work got done. We now have raised vegetable beds that stand a chance of yielded more than worms and the robins that love them.

May as well play some catch up here, vis-à-vis my daily writing warmup. And I’ll stick to the Hawaiian Space Pirate theme wherever possible. Right.

So I told you about the volunteering gig at 826 Seattle, the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company (GSTS). Well, I have my first orders. I will be assisting with Ms. Julius’s third grade class field trip when they dock at GSTS at 1000 hrs (1000 hrs Los Angeles, 1000 hrs San Diego) for supplies and to engage in writing exercises. Not sure yet how I can help, considering that basic training at Hawaiian Space Pirate School consisted of no more than me sitting down this morning to write… Anyhow, I have volunteered to assist their in-house publisher, Mister Geoduck (that’s pronounced Gooey-duck for you non-enlightened folks, and it’s a kind of disgustingly large-tongued clam found in the Northwest and treated as a delicacy, though it’s not very delicate at all and in fact it’s tongue is not a tongue at all but a foot, and that is what makes it a bivalve, though most days from what I hear Mister Geoduck behaves more like a cephalopod), in helping the kids make stories to be bound and brought home for future reading.

Every other Friday I will also assist in the retail venture that is the GSTS, vending merchandise critical to space travel, such as: portable oxygen pockets, anti-freeze blankets, near-death rays, black hole starter kits, replacement quarks, uncertainty, and inorganic hamsters. And I will likely donate some time each week to the drop-in tutoring that happens at 826 Seattle. These kids today, they are completely lacking in Hawaiian shirts, piracy, and space. Which is why I will help them with writing.

So I got that going for me.

Also, I received a call-back last week from a marketing/advertising/design agency—run out of a lovely old Victorian House in Tacoma’s oft-maligned Hilltop District—to whom I had sent a resume some eighteen months prior, at the outset of my previous job search. This was when I was living back in Tacoma’s north end. (Or is it North End? I’ll stick with north end. North End lacks grace and subtlety yet pretends at both, whereas north end is sturdy and has a low center of gravity). In the intervening time I had gotten a job at the tourism bureau, moved into the house right behind said agency, and been laid off from said tourism bureau.

That’s right, I got a call-back from a potential employer who lives right across the alley from me. Think of the commute! They met with me to talk about doing some part-time copywriting, art direction, and design work to replace a woman heading out on an indefinite maternity leave. (Which would be the second time that’s happened to me…getting called in to replace a pregnant lady, I mean…go figure.) I may be going back in for a second interview this week. We’ll see what happens there. It seems like it’d be a really great gig with a groovy bunch of folks, and the part-time schedule would allow me the time to write more, so the good people who read this blog (Hi Joyce!) can get their kicks. The things I do for fans.

So: I will again be busy, and again will have to find the discipline to remain focused on you, dear reader.

To that end, my posts may become shorter at times, as I put more time and energy into Wayward Sister and such. Therefore my posts will become, in scarcity, more valuable. You will treasure each all the more, and be so more inclined to share this website with friends, such that I achieve internet immortality that will look good on grad school applications.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

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  1. This volunteer thing sounds so perfect for you – yay for kids and writing! And this job opportunity sounds so fun and convenient! Go Zak Go!

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