Charging at Backhoes

Coyote Don sketch

A sense of accomplishment again: I’ve written a scene that’s been stuck under the roof of my head for twelve years. To most of you the scene should feel pretty familiar. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, only the tilting-at-windmills scene.

For those of you following the adventures of Coyote Don, Jeremy Lerner, and Sally Clemens, I present you with another installment of my graphic novel script. The more I write, the easier it becomes, the more fluid  it all tumbles out (it helps that I’ve outlined this section well), and the more I think this needs to be either a screenplay or a novel. Or both. Hell, I could spend a career re-writing this damn story in every genre imaginable (can you picture Coyote Don as a manga character?). In any event, I kicked out about nine pages of script today, which has got to be some kind of new record. I’ve got two great characters who’ve finally met, and the chemistry is just how I pictured it. And best of all, I am surprised and delighted by what a crazy, creepy, violent, chaotic, and sick character Coyote Don (aka Marion Slye) is turning out to be. He’s great!

So for those of you who saw my earlier post, this is it: my big awesome post of the day, as promised: mind you, most of the awesomeness is right here, in the latest installment of Wayward Sister.

Thanks for reading. Keep it up.