Happy Cinco de Mayo

Well I’m taking a break this afternoon to head down to Freedom Fair on Ruston Way here in Tacoma with Angie. Air show. BBQ. Car show. Beer garden. Craft fest. Proud to be an American, etc.

I will walk carefully, for I have burned my belly by splashing hot oil on myself while frying up potato chips yesterday. I now have enormous blistery welts on my abdomen. It might be sold as a way to strengthen your six-pack, since the pain caused my abdominals to tighten. Now they are sore: I got a good workout. Also got my heart rate up. Today’s photo (see below, if you are reading this on July 4; otherwise refer to Wrinkle Growth Chart after today) does not reveal the t-shirt lifted over my buddha-belly, nor the glisten of aloe gel smeared across my skin.

A warning to all: do not fry things while shirtless. Just. Not. Cool.

So I’m off to enjoy the trappings of Americana. Angie’s on call, so if she gets called in I’ll probably write something more and post it later.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. sorry to hear about your belly…hope it is healing fine! I ran across an acclaimed “writer” today and found her writing to be VERY off-putting. I haven’t really ever had that kind of visceral reaction to a blog (of all things) but somehow thought of you and thought you might want to check it out and see what is so repulsive about it?? I can’t place it!

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