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Long Beach Kite Festival 2010

I know I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties, but you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve not neglected my writing during this time (aside from weekend excursions to kite festivals). I’ve been working with my writing coach, Bruce McAllister (with whom I had once taken a youth writing summer class), on revising stories for my grad school applications. The fourth revision (really it’s more like the sixth or seventh, but I’ve got a version 2.1 and and a 3.2 and so on) of my story The Last Manuscript of Mark Twain is now posted on my Writing page under The Last MS of MT. It replaces the older version, which has been recalled due to manufacturer defect.

I’m shelving The Legend of Grabbett’s Gold for now — too flawed to warrant my time right now. Grabbett may be an alchemist, but I’m not good enough to turn shit into gold just yet. Instead I have to work on revising my existing stories. What’ll it be?

  1. City of Destiny Featuring Eric Lipschitz — I’ve posted this story in its second draft already, and it’s decent. But it needs a bit more oompf, and I’d like to tie the story more closely to the character of the City of Destiny itself.And hammer out the notion of fate
  2. El Misterioso and His Atomic Suit — I haven’t even looked at this since I wrote it; the first draft isn’t even finished; and the story veers strongly into the realm of SF/fantasy/pulp fiction, not the traditional realm of MFA programs. All of which to say is it’s potential dynamite.
  3. Untitled — I have a new draft of a story based partly on true events, about a girl who rowed across the Atlantic. Needs a title (I’ve been calling it “Rowing the Atlantic,” which sucks). Lots of potential for the grad school apps.

I only need two or three great stories to submit. I’d like to have more than that to choose from, though. I could potentially develop a first chapter of a novel—turning the graphic novel script for Wayward Sister into prose—which has its own merits and drawbacks. If I could have even four finished stories, written and revised to the best of my ability, I’ll be a happy camper.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. 🙂 Keep it up! If you need another proof-reader, feel free to send stuff down to the bay….

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