Home Stretch

Aloha, dear readers.

I am coming up for quick air, and maybe do a backflip before plunging back in to graduate school applications and Thanksgiving meal planning and the long slog of winter beyond.

I wrapped up my critique class with Nancy Kress. I’ve finished a major revision of City of Destiny Featuring Eric Lipschitz (click link for older version), which I will post next. I also completed a big rewrite of The Last Manuscript of Mark Twain. Though it’s certainly got more clarity, my trade-off was complexity and depth of character. So I will post it alongside the older version so you can see what you think of the two very different stories.

Meantime, I’m in the home stretch with grad school applications. To be precise, I have two that are due December 1—U Mass and U Minnesota—followed by four more due December 15, four in the first week of January, and then three in mid-January. But since all of these schools require similar information, I’ll have amassed the necessary materials by the first deadline.

Thus I have just completed my fourth draft of my personal statement. You remember my previous post, “My Writing Life, Act One”? (C’mon, it was only two posts ago…) Well, I’ve whittled that bad boy down from seven pages to a lean 1,300-word count fighting weight. That’s about two pages in 12-point Palatino, yo. On December 1 I’ll post it up here for you and, God willing, any admissions folk to read. For those of you who do remember that previous post, this’ll read like a champ. Zero percent body fat, no salt, no bloating. Yeee-haa!

With a 20- and 25-page limit respectively, I think the Last MS of MT story may be in a different weight class. Besides, with the most recent revision to City of Destiny, I’m feeling good about that one. It weighs in at a devastating 16 pages, and its got horsepower.

Jesus, what’s with all my fighting metaphors? Am I that jacked on caffeine? (Examines mug) Nope. Barely sipped the first. Maybe braggadocio is warranted, maybe not. But I’m feeling good at the moment — most other moments I’m either fretting, doubting, nervous or disquiet. I’ll take the momentary spike.

Enjoy the reads.

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  1. *insert words of encouragement here* (you are the word dude, so you shoudl be able to think up better ones than I can.)

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