Almost finished…

Three more applications to go. I have the essays all written, and am knee-deep in revisions. This is beyond fine-tooth comb: I am subjecting each sentence to a centrifuge, rearranging the molecules and letting each essay settle, then scraping the precipitate and using that essence as my foundation.

Today though, I rest: my brother-in-law (ex-brother-in-law, if you want to get technical about it, but he’s still my brother) James is coming over with my nephew Solomon to have lunch. I’ll be spending the afternoon helping him build and optimize a website for his new business, Pop’s Testing. He’s been certified to test backflow assemblies. You know those exposed pipes sticking out of the ground in parking lots of malls or corporate buildings, with big valves and gauges? Yeah, well, the property owner is required to get those tested every year. It’s a nuisance for them, so they look for someone reliable and cheap to get the job done. Problem is, a lot of these certified licensed testers aren’t the best businessmen: they’re general contractors or plumbers or handymen looking to shore up their income in a bad economy. Which isn’t to knock those professions; I just mean that they aren’t automatically marketing-savvy. And there’s a LOT of them, all waiting for a phone call. That’s where James comes in. With a simple but effective website, he can get the word out so any commercial property owner in his area just needs to google “backflow testing” in that specific area (West Seattle/White Center), and his site will pop up. We’ll design it to be direct and to-the-point, without the lame, purposeless clip art that other guys slap up on their sites. Like that guy who makes his business name into a pun: “BAT-man” for “Backflow Assembly Tester”, etc. It conveys nothing to the property owner looking to just get ‘er done.

The site doesn’t need to look pretty; it just needs to convey the message: “You need to get tested, it’s a nuisance, but I’m quick, reliable, available, and affordable.” Or something like that.

Anyway, should be a fun project, and a nice break from applications. I also intend to finally take a look at my friend Alee’s script for his graphic novel and give him some notes. Tomorrow I resume my writing, and I’ll see you all then… same BAT time, same BAT channel… ahem.

Nos vemos.