And with that, the waiting begins…

I’ve finished my applications. It’s been a three month process, counting from when I first created a profile for one of the online applications and began working on my essays.

It’s been a ten-month process if you count when I first decided with Angie to commit to graduate school, and began to research programs and select and revise my writing samples.

The waiting begins. Thankfully only a month or two, depending on the programs: if I should be accepted somewhere, I will likely hear of it sometime in February or March. I’ll let you know, dear readers, as soon as I do.

I’ve tried to write some fiction in the meantime. Little sketches and pieces here and there, nothing on the front burner during the last few months — until now. I am finally working on a new story — it’s a struggle to begin, but I am putting a lot of work into it — and I think it will be a very good one, about midwives and birth and expectant couples and the whole problem of overthinking things and trying to exert control over that which we have no control over. I’m interviewing a number of mothers (dads, too) for this one. We’ll see. It may end up crap…

Now, it’s off to Walla Walla this evening, ferrying ourselves over snowy passes and sloshing lowlands to visit our friend and former roommate Jessie, whom we haven’t seen in a year or more.

I’ll be gone all weekend, not writing for once (thought I’ll be bringing along a book I just purchased, called “Ron Carlson Writes a Story,” so I’ll be connected in some way to writing). We’ll take in the rain-soaked town of Walla Walla (god, I just love saying that name out loud), catching up with Jessie, and then on Sunday making the five hour slog back to Tacoma and work.

I’ll post again early in the week!