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I’ve been huddled in my office/craft room here in gray, rainy Tacoma for far too long. So, in an effort to reach out to a community of writers (which I dearly miss having), I signed up for several online groups The first two — WritersCafe.org and WriterFace.com — require various profiles to be filled out, and so far have been more nuisance than community. Yet I will continue to explore them, in the hopes that behind the creators’ intents are thriving artistic communities.

Yet there is one group already that I have in less than a day found to be instant kin: the MFA Draft ’11 group on Facebook. Inspired by all the comments on the popular Creative Writing MFA Blog, one of the writers following it created this group on Facebook—the most natural social media site for such a purpose. Posts about the acceptance waiting game, publications and submissions, craft, and even what kind of music we listen to are all fair fodder for the group. Instant feedback, instant rapport. I’m enjoying it. The group is populated by MFA hopefuls such as myself — the 2011 Draft Pick.

All of us are serious about writing. Even if we procrastinate once in a while (ahem: take a break) from writing to hold forth on our electronic soapboxes, it still fills a need that I have for a writing community. Even if it’s a temporary one, I don’t get such a community here in Tacoma. Oh, to be sure, Tacoma has its share of readers and writers. But for a city that has three universities, a technical college and a community college, a college town it is not. Readings, signings, sightings, and cafe-cum-salons are just not the norm in this sleepy, working class backwater.

So thanks to all who participate in such communities, and this one in particular. And good luck to all of you who are applying this year for MFA programs. May your writing shine, and may the faculties at your favorite programs see the warm glow and welcome you in.


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  1. Zak,

    Found your website via MFA Draft on FB. Good luck as you wait to hear from programs. Like you, I’m a fiction applicant, trying to work on a new story as I wait for the phone to ring. All the best, my man.


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