Baby in a Hole, revised

My first contribution to National Short Story Writing Month (NaSStyWriMo) was a rewrite of my dream sketch, Baby in a Hole. Here is an excerpt:

Mopey’s always getting into trouble. Walking down the street the other day he passes a storm grate in the sidewalk and flips a balled-up yellow fast food wrapper into it, ignoring the stenciled sign that clearly reads DRAINS TO OCEAN. From the corner of his eye Mopey sees all the trash that is in there. Then, blinking his eyes, he stops. He sees something else—a doll?—no, a baby. Mopey’s poor weak heart stops for a second as he looks around quickly, then down to the storm grate again. Yes, it’s a little baby, not much older than newborn by the looks of it, and very red and splotchy. It’s partly buried under a magazine and a banana peel and its tiny right hand is enveloped in the clear cellophane of a cigarette wrapper. The stuff people throw in the gutter! thinks Mopey, and instantly he is ashamed because he meant the trash, but obviously the baby, too.

Baby in a Hole
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