Let us now praise famous mensches

Here’s another excerpt from my NaSStyWriMo scribblings. Enjoy…

Stanley was a good guy. Always looking after the little guy. I remember this one time when business was slow, he was looking for ways to bring more customers into the dry cleaners. This was back before the laundromat chain. I was having dinner with him one night, pizza and beers over at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. We were sitting there talking about taking out an ad maybe, or a billboard above the 7-11 down the street.

As we’re sittin’ there drinking our Coors I start running my fingernail along the bottom edge of this wooden plaque that, I dunno, absentminded habit. It had this little team on it or something. The Laguna Leopards, I dunno. They had white and blue uniforms.

Stanley just watched me and suddenly zoned out in mid-sentence. I realize he’d trailed off and then all of a sudden he shouts “Eureka!” so the whole place can hear him. And I mean, this is a family establishment. “That’s it, Gerry,” he said, “That’s exactly what we’ll do!” And I just looked at him like he’s off his rocker. Because, you know, it’s Stanley. Him and his ideas, am I right? Am I right? Of course I’m right. Heh, heh.

Well let me tell you, Stanley went and talked to the Shakey’s night manager, who put him in touch with the owner, who put him in touch with the coach of the Laguna Leopards. And Stanley went and paid for new uniforms for the entire team. See what I’m talking about? See what I mean? That’s the Stanley I love and remember. He sponsored that team for twelve years, had kids growing up and going to college and coming back to drop by his dry cleaners just to say hi. Good business, too, washing all those dirty uniforms.

Team wasn’t bad either, as I recall. Went to three Saddleback Valley League penant series. And boy did they look great in those new leopard print jerseys, I’ll tell you what!