Home stretch again…

Four more schools to go, (Irvine, Montana, Johns Hopkins, and Oregon), two of which have already begun notifying acceptances a few days ago. It could happen. Maybe.

We’re already discussing Plan B: either staying and applying again next year, or moving anyway, and then applying to Low Residency programs from wherever we are. There are pros and cons to both options.

Plan B also involves a consolation beach trip.

If we wait until the notification season is completely over to plan a consolation vacation for April, it’ll be too late for advance booking fares, so we’re giving it another week, and then we’ll book a flight to some hot tropical beach somewhere. Staying on the beach is a must, as is easy access to frosty beverages and good eats. The rest is negotiable. We were thinking Puerto Vallarta, but we’re flexible. …Any suggestions?



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  1. Cancun over PV any day. We went to PV last year and it was really not nearly as awesome, as there had been a huge storm that had messed up the reef and the beach the year before and it would take a long time to recover. Just my $.02.

  2. i had the best shrimp burrito of my life in puerto vallarta. i still remember everything about it, and nothing else about puerto vallarta. but i’m sure wherever you guys go — if you go — will be refreshing.

    don’t give up on the full-res MFAs — we e-comrades of the facebook group are all rooting for you!

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