Sy, part 2 (or, Sh*t My Dad Says)

For the holidays, my father sent my siblings and I a plastic sleeve with DVDs of photos burned from his vast collection, labeled “PIX”. In lieu of a greeting card, I found a printed out sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, cut into an 8.5 x 8.5 square and folded neatly into quarters, tucked inside one of the DVD sleeves. I hereby present to you the entire text of this note, formatted exactly as it appears:

Notes on PIX DVD

  1. The photos on this DVD represent about 50% of our entire archive. The rest still must be scanned from prints and may be available in a year or so.
  2. For the sake of greater efficiency I burned “one size fits all” DVDs. That means most recipients will be interested mainly in a subset of the various “family folders” on t he DVD.
  3. In addition to family pictures, the NELSON folder contains a nested set of travel pix that are probably of little or no interest to anybody but Sy and Joyce. They are included mostly as a matter of disk burning efficiency, though some of you might be interested in pictures of places you’ve been to or intend to visit. Besides, some of them are nice.
  4. The convention I used in naming photos is that people are listed in age order (oldest first). It helps in locating pictures with multiple subjects if you know their age order. Sometimes a place or event is listed also (or instead).
  5. My intention was to take sequences of shots, then discard all but the best in each sequence. However, the devil made me greedy, hence the proliferation.
  6. Most of the pictures were taken with a high-resolution camera or scanned from prints using a professional grade (hi-res) scanner. The idea was to be able to print photos whenever desired, not just always have to view them at computer screen resolution. Accordingly, my archives are huge (many hundreds of GB) — way too big to send to people without some serious condensation. Fortunately, I was able to automate the condensation process using Photoshop Elements 10.
  7. Rosboril is Joyce’s maiden name. Roberts is the family name from her first marriage. The Roberts folder includes photos of Joyce’s son, Rich, his first wife, Stacy; their son, Baily; Rich’s current (longtime) partner, Cathy; their daughter, Peyton (still a preschooler); and their granddaughter, Jaylee, who is a year older than Peyton (I challenge you to figure that one out, especially if you take into account that Peyton and Jaylee are half-sisters with the same mother, who is not Cathy). Also included in the Roberts folder are pictures of Jennifer (Joyce’s daughter).
  8. Jennifer Roberts is married to Dennis Patnode, hence the Patnode folder. Their children are Kyle (now in college), Riley (now a high school senior) and Meghan (now 7, going on 21).

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