Day 2: Missoula to Yellowstone


I’m posting this from my iPhone, as there is no wireless connection in West Yellowstone, Montana. Tomorrow I will try to update.

Our trip today took us through southwestern Montana, a staggeringly beautiful drive through mountains and ranch lands and then into the groovy old mining town of Butte. Lunch was a loaded pork chop sandwich–topped with a cheeseburger–at Pork Chop John’s. Was it worth the clogged arteries? I’m only thirty-four, do for now I’ll say yes.

We then veered off the interstate and for about a hundred miles drove through hot and sparsely forested hills and mountains, with an empty two-lane highway that was virtually all ours.

We made it to our resting place, Yellowstone Under Canvas, at six o’clock. Checked into a deluxe canvas platform tent overlooking a green valley, with a river just a hundred yards away and endless sky overhead.

Steak dinner was a short walk across a grassy meadow to Bar N Ranch, a place that was half Black Angus and half Cabela’s, complete with a mountain diorama dominating the central dining room.

Topped off the evening with a bottle of jammy Malbec and a Cuban cigar I’d been saving from my trip to Mexico, as we sat in the adirondack chairs outside our tent, watching the parade of late-arriving families–some American, some Japanese, some Israeli, French, and British–and the parade of early mosquitoes, to remind us of our place.

More to come…