Day 4: Cody to Dickinson

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Funny, they don’t look so bad. But apparently these are the “badlands,” so named by the Sioux (who would know, you’d think), and popularized by the ever-giddy President Roosevelt the First.

The drive today was very long, but we haven’t yet reached the truly flat stage yet; the scenery as we drove through northern Wyoming, eastern Montana, and western Nort’ Dakota (as they say) was dominated by conical drip-castle hills and gullies, and thick brown, pink, beige, and green folds of earth.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We stopped for lunch in Billings, which is about all I can say about that town.

We paused in the weird little town of Medora, ND to do a short scenic drive through Theodore Roosevelt National Park (don’t worry, before this trip we hadn’t heard of it, either). And we made a new friend. I call him Garrison, our prairie dog companion.

What up, dawg?



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