Welcome, friends and strangers, to the blog of our favorite up-and-coming writer Zachary “Zak” Nelson. His goal is to write in it with some degree of consistency. This is to be his warm-up journal, a forum in which the mysterious Zak can rev his writerly engines, discuss issues with the day’s writing ahead, or perhaps just give an outlet to the voices and characters that build up and overflow as he works on a longer project. It’s a means for Zak to write, problem-solve, and keep the creative humors circulating.

It’s not meant to provide you with an endless supply of free stories, reveal all his inner secrets, or to tell you what he had for lunch, though some of each may happen. Nor is it his Facebook page; he has one of those already. It’s an artist’s sketchbook, really. The main reason he’s publishing it as a blog is to help keep him accountable: if he has an audience to write for, he will be more likely to clock in for work. And if something he writes resonates with you, let him know. He’d like to understand what resonates and why.

Please keep comments related to the writing, and please, no flash photography.



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  1. Funny thing is I doubt Mom will read this consistently…unless she subscribes to the e-mail notifications…
    your mother’s daughter

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