Draft script for promotional video (Google Doc)

Storyboard for promotional video (Google Doc)

Promo video

As part of the product launch for their Delinquency Manager dashboard, Orion First needed a two-minute promotional video highlighting the business analytics software.


  1. Repurposing already-approved copy I'd written for the product sales sheet and landing page, I drafted a script
  2. Working with the art director, I took corresponding screenshots of the software and created thumbnails of key transitions
  3. I created a storyboard, plopping the thumbnails into a sequence with the corresponding voiceover (V.O.) copy
  4. After review by the client, I revised the final V.O. script and handed it off to the art director for production

The client was thrilled with the resulting video—and the short time it took our team to produce it—and continues to use it to promote Delinquency Manager, the core product in their analytic Insights suite of products.

It can be hard to demonstrate ROI on projects like this, but the video looks great, the client was happy, and I'm proud of the quick work I did here.

Also: it turns out I really enjoy working on video projects!

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