This is a compendium—dumping ground, really—for written sketches, story excerpts, exercises, and scripts. Some are more finished than others. Think sketchbook, not portfolio.

A lot of folks have told me that if I ever want to see any of this published, I should not be posting it here—or that if I do, I should at least be password-protecting my material, as it won’t then be considered “published.” I think that’s true, as far as the old publishing track is concerned. And I certainly don’t wish to rule out any particular career track, yet. Out of deference to the lit journals, I present here pieces that I don’t intend to publish, brief excerpts (less than ten percent of a finished story), or early drafts that, if published, won’t remotely resemble their current form.

It’s all part of a longer conversation about the publishing industry and how writers need to calibrate themselves to its changing realities. For now, my goal as a writer is to try new things, connect with readers, and see what resonates. This may be frowned upon in some circles, and who knows, I might be shooting myself in the foot.

But it strikes me that the publishing world is changing rapidly, and new models are succeeding. As much as I write to express my own artistic vision, I also write with the hope of eventually making some kind of livelihood. Maybe that means precisely that I should cater to the lit journals. I certainly do love them and hope that some of them will reciprocate someday. I have a feeling though that it’s more important at this stage for me to cut out the middleman during this learning process and connect with you directly, dear reader. Maybe I’m being facile. Maybe it’s crass commercialism flying in the face of artistic integrity, or maybe it’s savvy. I have no idea.

So please, read on. I encourage you to comment on what you like or don’t like about my work. It helps me learn.

* * *

The Electric Storm NEW!

The ReunionNEW!

Yard SaleNEW!

For Immediate Release

City of Destiny (excerpt)

Holy Jim

The City of Destiny, Featuring Eric Lipschitz – EARLY DRAFT (excerpt)

The Last Manuscript of Mark Twain (excerpt)

The Legend of Grabbett’s Gold

Six-word memoir

The Wedding Picture

Re: Dear Sir, Send Money Now

Through the Senses

Wayward Sister, 1

Wayward Sister, 2

Wayward Sister, 3

Wayward Sister,  4

El Misterioso, 1

El Misterioso, 2

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