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Effective Copywriting

I am a senior copywriter with twenty years of writing and marketing experience, including 5 years in an agency setting.

  • I'm creative. I devise solutions to complex or ambiguous problems. 

  • I'm versatile. I write compelling copy in any genre, clarifying brand voice and adapting it to situational needs.

  • I'm discerning. I have good judgment and high standards. 


I have had a career as a marketing manager. I've been an events manager, a communications manager, and a publicist. I'm a self-starter with strong leadership skills. I like a good joke.


I went to graduate school for creative writing. I have taught writing and rhetoric at the university level. I'm literally a master of writing. 


I am looking for a full-time remote position as a senior copywriter or a similar role. I enjoy working with teams of highly motivated, fun, and inquisitive problem-solvers who approach their work with joy.

Zak Nelson